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Register on our website and customize the 10 digits of your IBRANTA number (077 XX.XX.XX.XX.XX) which you will use to make and receive unlimited calls to all landlines worldwide.

Check the table below to make sure your phone type is supported by the PORTGO software.


    iPhone / iPad / iPod


  • Use your mobile phone to go to http://www.ibranta.com/en/cell-phone-solution.php and click on the link to download the latest version of the software that matches your phone's OS and the application will automatically be installed on your mobile phone.

  • After installation, enter the values below.

  • LOGIN => Enter your IBRANTA phone number 077XXXXXXXXXX
    PASSWORD => Enter the SIP password associated to your IBRANTA number, available on the section MY LINE of your account.
    DOMAINE=> On

    On the tab « SETTINGS => CODECS » of your mobile application, check only the following codecs « G.729, PCMA, PCMU » and uncheck all the others as shown below.

    To make and receive unlimited calls you have to log in from your mobile phone via:

    • WiFi (It is strongly recommended to get high audio quality) or
    • Your mobile network operator (3G, 4G)

    Allow the application to run in the background. Individuals and professionals who join IBRANTA's network can now call you whatever their geographical location.