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IBRANTA - One of the world's leading telecommunications operators that provides unlimited calls worldwide


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Companies, unlimited calls to all landlines worldwide.

IBRANTA offers companies to make and receive unlimited calls from all landlines worldwide.

How does it work?

  • Register on our website by selecting the profile "Professional" and customize the 10 digits of your IBRANTA number (077 XX.XX.XX.XX.XX) which you will use to make and receive your unlimited calls around the world (Freephone number without commitment).

  • If your company telephone switchboard has an integrated SIP function, provide your IBRANTA line numbers (available on your personal page) to your telecommunications provider, who will then enter them on your telephone switchboard.
    Download here the configuration settings that you will need to configure your telephone switchboard.

  • Now you are ready to make and receive unlimited calls to any landlines worldwide.

What are the prerequisites to check before any subscription?

With IBRANTA you do not need to change your telephone system. Our solution is perfectly compatible with your system so that you can keep your existing numbers plus your IBRANTA phone numbers.

To make and receive unlimited calls, your correspondents must always have an IBRANTA phone number (Freephone number without commitment).

Phone numbers creation and commissioning costs Payable Free and without commitment
T0 access
(2 simultaneous calls)
Payable Free
(Unlimited simultaneous calls)
T1 access
(23 simultaneous calls)
T2 access
(30 simultaneous calls)
SDA numbers
(Direct inward dial)
Paying and commensurate to SDA subscribed Free
(Unlimited SDA)
Limited duration of a call. Between 1 and 3 hours per call for unlimited offers No limitation
Limited number of different correspondents per month Between 99 and 150 correspondents for unlimited offers No limitation
Number of countries reachable on unlimited landline calls. Between 60 and 150 countries reachable on unlimited landline calls.
But not all these countries can make unlimited calls on your landline (unlimited unidirectional)
All countries worldwide are reachable with unlimited calls and the unlimited calls are bidirectional.