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  • Sign up in or website, go to heading "MY LINE" in your personnal space and customize your 10 digits IBRANTA, 077.XX.XX.XX.XX.XX (Free phone number without commitment) on which you make and receive unlimited calls from all landlines worldwide.
  • Purchase a Cisco SPA3102 voice gateway to make and receive unlimited calls that are connected between your landline and your internet access.
    With your Cisco SPA3102 voice Gateway, keep your landline number. Make and receive calls from your landline, national operator calls and IBRANTA unlimited calls. (If you do not have a landline number from your national operator, you can in fact only make and receive IBRANTA unlimited calls).

    if you do not have a Cisco SPA3102 voice Gateway , your IBRANTA phone number also work with an IP phone or an analog gateway. Download here the configuration settings that you will need to configure your IP phone or an analog gateway.

  • Insert your IBRANTA phone number in your Cisco SPA3102 voice Gateway.
    Download here the setup guide of Cisco SPA3102 voice Gateway.
  • To make and receive unlimited calls, your correspondents must always have an IBRANTA.
    IBRANTA phone number and call reception are free and without commitment.
  • Callers may also make unlimited calls to your landline from anywhere in the world using :
    • Their landline connected to their Cisco SPA3102 voice Gateway.
    • The IBRANTA app for mobile and tablet.
    • The IBRANTA PC app.
  • You are now ready to receive free unlimited calls on your landline from anywhere in the world.
  • Unlimited calls only available between IBRANTA phone numbers. You cannot under any circumstances receive and make calls on other operators or on emergency numbers from your IBRANTA phone number.
    A single IBRANTA phone number cannot be used on both devices simultaneously. Calls transmission and reception will be automatically effective on your last device set up with your IBRANTA phone number.

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