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1.1Acceptable Use Policy: The policy specified in Section 5 below, governing the use of Products and Services by a client as requested by IBRANTA or by any telecommunications provider of any Network that facilitates access to the Services.
1.2Line: Line refers to the landline(s) created by a physical person or company from their personal page and through which they make and receive telephone calls.
1.3Agreement: The present terms and conditions, the rates published by IBRANTA, including special offers. An Agreement is considered to be subscribed between a client and IBRANTA when the client registers or activates a line, uses our recharging solutions or our services, whatever occurs first, and we will provide Network access as soon as possible so that Service provision can begin.
1.4Rates: Rates applicable to the usage of lines and additional services. Current rates are available on our website http://www.ibranta.com
1.5CLIENT: A physical person who or a company that sets up a personal page with a login and password, sets up and activates lines provided by IBRANTA. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the client is sometimes referred to as You or Your.
1.6Customer service: IBRANTA's customer service department can be reached through the contact form provided on our website http://www.ibranta.com
1.7Force majeure: An unexpected event which is impossible to avoid and outside the control of the Parties. Forces majeures include events that are usually considered to be such in the relevant country.
1.8IBRANTA  SUARL with a capital of 1,000,000 FCFA
REGISTERED WITH THE MINISTRY OF ECONOMY AND FINANCE OF SENEGAL UNDER N.I.N.E.A NUMBER 004129145 / SNDKR2009B18332 http://www.creationdentreprise.sn/ibranta-suarl

CONTACT IN SENEGAL (Corporate headquarters)
12 Boulevard Djily Mbaye
BP 4337, Dakar R/P
IBRANTA PHONE NUMBER: 077 09 51 69 74 69

1.9Network: The telecommunications network used by IBRANTA to provide the Services.
1.10Personal Data: All information provided by you to IBRANTA, or information related to you generated, collected, used, processed and stored by IBRANTA during the provision of Services, particularly including your name, your address, your date of birth, your cell phone number, data regarding calls, including traffic data and localization data, recharge information, invoice information, voice messages, copies of your e-mails including your e-mail address and records which Customer Service keeps containing questions you have asked.
1.11Privacy Policy: The policy that describes the method used by IBRANTA to generate, collect, use, process and store your Personal Data. Our current Privacy Policy is available on our website http://www.ibranta.com/
1.12Products: “Product” means all other products offered by IBRANTA, such as advertising space and promotional products.
1.13Roaming Services: Telephone services used when travelling outside your country of residence.
1.14Services: Services provided by IBRANTA, including voice calls, messages, data services, voicemail, caller ID, caller ID restriction, line activation services, roaming services and services provided by customer service.
1.15IBRANTA AGENT: Sales point authorized by IBRANTA in which clients can pay their lines in cash.
1.16Activation Services: Set of services that you can use to activate your lines, including IBRANTA AGENT and online payments.


2.1IBRANTA will provide the Services using its own Network and the Networks of one or more telecommunications operators. One of these Networks might occasionally be unavailable due to maintenance operations, modifications, upgrades, emergencies or to protect the security of the Network. In this case, the Services might be temporarily unavailable.
2.2For the above reasons, IBRANTA does not guarantee that the Services will be free of interruptions or errors (regarding availability, quality or Network coverage) anywhere and anytime, or that the Services will perfectly adapt to your specific needs, or that the Services will be fully protected from unauthorized interceptions.
2.3IBRANTA will make reasonable efforts to keep all Service interruptions to a minimum. However, IBRANTA shall not be held responsible for any losses, damages or inconveniences arising from Service interruptions or disturbances for the reasons described above.
2.4Our Customer Service can provide information on the cell phone operators who have signed transit agreements with us.


3.1You must pay your lines in advance. You can check on the status of your lines anytime by logging in to your personal page or by checking the invoices that will be provided to you by IBRANTA AGENTS.
3.2You will activate your lines by using one of the payments methods available.
The following payment methods are available:
1. Online payment with the PAYPAL payment system.
2. Payment at an IBRANTA AGENT sales point.
3.3All online transactions will be performed on the online payment platform http://www.paypal.com, independent from our website. In this respect, IBRANTA shall not be held responsible for any litigations arising from your transactions (wire transfer, credit card, credit card identity theft, etc.). In case of claims, directly contact the website publisher of http://www.paypal.com with the references of your transactions.


4.1Regarding protection of personal data, our policy is available on our website http://www.ibranta.com under the section “Privacy Policy”.


5.1IBRANTA shall not be held liable for the delivery, execution or use of our Products and Services outside the specification of this Agreement.
5.2IBRANTA shall not be held liable for damages, losses or inconveniences suffered by you as a consequence of the content of voice messages, messages or data, either received or sent by you.
5.3IBRANTA shall not be held liable for damages, losses or inconveniences suffered by you as a consequence of the interventions of third parties, including all administrative, legal or government bodies.
5.4Nothing in this Agreement releases or restricts the liability of the Parties in case of physical injuries or death arising from negligence of such Party, or from consequences of gross misconduct or offenses or gross negligence of this Party or of any other liability that cannot be restricted or excluded by applicable law.
5.5IBRANTA shall not be held liable for any damages, losses or inconveniences suffered by you and shall not be responsible for delivering Products or Services arising from any cause beyond IBRANTA's control, including but not limited to, all forces majeures. The Parties expressly agree that in addition to cases usually retained by the courts of your country of residence, the following events will be considered forces majeures: exceptional weather conditions, acts or omissions from a public authority, including modification of all regulations applicable to the execution of the Services, revolt, rebellion, insurrection, riots, declared or non-declared wars, acts of a similar nature, strikes, sabotage, theft, vandalism, explosions, fire, lightning, floods or any other natural disaster, failure from third party operators, acts of third parties, exceptional interruption of the Network's power supply, exceptional Network failure, withdrawal of the authorization to create and or exploit the Network, all of which could affect IBRANTA's performance.
5.6 IBRANTA can not be held responsible for any theft of identifiers suffered by IBRANTA AGENT and will not be liable for any credits activations used without his knowledge. It is the responsibility of the IBRANTA AGENT please its connection information and change regularly.
5.7 All payments made by an IBRANTA AGENT to reload its activation credit, regardless of payment method used is taken for granted and will be no refund.
5.8 IBRANTA may at any time modify the rate of commission charged by IBRANTA AGENT. An email informing the new commission rates will be sent to all IBRANTA AGENTS 48 hours before its implementation.


6.1IBRANTA reserves the right to modify the present conditions for legal or regulatory reasons, as part of the development of Product and Services that we supply or if we wish to apply the same conditions to all our clients. We may also need to modify or withdraw, in whole or in part, our Products or Services due to modifications caused by our Network providers or if these Products or Services are not profitable or no longer serve you or us. We may also modify our Rates or introduce new Rates.
6.2Please regularly check this website to learn about possible changes. If IBRANTA modifies any condition of this Agreement, including those related to Rates, IBRANTA will notify you about this. If you do not accept a modification that has been notified to you because you deem it negative for you, you are free to terminate this Agreement or stop using the Services or activating your lines. If you use these Services or if you activate your lines after a modification has been performed by IBRANTA, you will be deemed to have accepted the relevant modification.


7.1If you have a question or claim related to the Products or Services, please contact our Customer Service department as specified in the instructions set forth by Section 1.6 here in.
7.2The fact that IBRANTA or the client has not demanded the application of all rights created by this Agreement or has delayed it will not prevent IBRANTA or the client (as applicable) from taking any other action.
7.3If any condition herein is deemed void or not applicable, in whole or in part, by a court or competent authority, or by any applicable legislation, it will only be void or inapplicable to the extent of that condition. This fact shall not affect the validity or applicability of all the other conditions.
7.4IBRANTA is authorized to transfer its rights and obligations here in to a Third Party. You are authorized to transfer your rights and obligations herein to a Third Party, with prior written consent issued by IBRANTA.


SELLER: Physical person who or company which has joined the SELLER program enabling them to sponsor Clients and generate income.
IBRANTA SUARL proposes a SELLER program designed to compensate, through a sponsoring approach, all members who sell subscriptions for IBRANTA telephone lines.
The SELLER will receive the status of Independent Door-to-Door Salesperson or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Salesperson.
The SELLER will receive € 1/renewed subscription/sponsored subscriber.
The SELLER will be responsible for declaring their activity and revenue to the competent authorities of the SELLER's country of origin.
The membership will have a renewable validity term of 12 months as of the registration date on which the SELLER joined the SELLER program from the SELLER's personal page.
When membership expires, this membership will be subject to examination based on the SELLER's performance in the last 12 months.
If the SELLER's performance is satisfactory, they will receive a notification by e-mail informing the SELLER of the renewal of the membership. Otherwise, the income accrued will be blocked (unless renewal of membership is decided internally).
Accrued income of at least € 100 not withdrawn from the SELLER's account will be reimbursed to the SELLER either by wire transfer or to their PAYPAL account. Income of less than € 100 will not be retrievable at all.
When the SELLER's account has reached a minimum withdrawal threshold of € 200 the SELLER must use the website contact form and specify “ACCOUNT WITHDRAWAL + SELLER's CODE CLIENT” in the subject line. Then the SELLER must provide their bank details in the text area of the form using the international IBAN format (for withdrawals via wire transfer) or their PAYPAL information (for withdrawals to a PAYPAL account).
The SELLER will have the possibility to make 1 withdrawal per month and must in any case request the withdrawal transaction at least 48 hours before the 1st day of next month (Example: The SELLER wishes to withdraw his/her income from September, so he/she must request a withdrawal before September 28, that is, 48 hours before October 1) and the SELLER will receive the whole amount earned.
Wire transfers will be subject to a 15-euro deduction for every € 200 withdrawn. Exchange fees will be paid by the SELLER. Withdrawals to a PAYPAL account will not be subject to any deduction.
Processing the SELLER's request takes 72 hours and the SELLER will receive his/her income on his/her account within an average of 15 days.
Each SELLER can see all their commissions made on all 12 months of the year on their personal page. The SELLER shall be responsible for downloading the history of commissions made and to keep it as proof.